What is Blocking You from Reaching Your Vision?


Having the vision of where you want to be is one thing. Having the confidence and commitment to reach your goals are often areas where we fall short.

Ask yourself these questions:

A) In terms of confidence, ten being supremely confident, on a scale of one to ten, where are you?

B) In terms of commitment, ten being absolutely committed, where are you?

Many times people will be committed, but they will not be confident. Other times they may be confident, but not fully committed. Why is that?

If your commitment isn’t at a ten, you need to look for what is holding you back. Being committed comes down to the old “buy-in” question. What’s in it for me? Sometimes people even create goals and visions for themselves, but they’re not fully committed to it because they’re not fully bought in. They don’t fully see themselves in it. That’s the importance of the envision process I’ve talked about previously.

Make sure your goals and vision are truly yours. Make sure you’re expressing them as part of your motivation, as part of your values, as part of your purpose, and as part of what you stand for. The more of these there are, the more the commitment will be there.

What are you afraid of?

Confidence can be equated with fear. What might be an internal block, in terms of how you see yourself? Where may that doubt come from? Who or what are those inner “naysayers?” Answering these questions will help us discover what may be contributing to this lack of confidence.

We need to transform the naysaying that diminishes confidence into what it is that creates confidence. Sometimes it’s not a disbelief in energy and ability to do something but a lack of clarity. We just tangibly, at this moment, can’t see exactly what it is that we need to do. By understanding and exploring these blocks to confidence, we begin to see the steps that lead us to our goal.

Once we remove the blocks of fear or lack of clarity and stare into the face of uncertainty, then we can see and understand what’s in it for ourselves. When we’re confident and committed, then we’re ready to go full out.

Source: https://blog.ipeccoaching.com/what-is-blocking-you-from-reaching-your-vision

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