WOHASU® Foundation Inc. is an international non-profit, happiness and wellbeing education organization.

The mission of the WOHASU® Foundation is to create a positive, global community dedicated to implementing evidence-based practical tools based on the science of happiness. WOHASU® gathers leading experts in positive psychology, public policy, sustainability, economics, mindfulness, communications and wellbeing. We design innovative events, programs, platforms and services with the goal of teaching practical tools proven to increase personal, interpersonal, workplace and community happiness.

We are a worldwide movement dedicated to increasing awareness on happiness as a life choice, human rights and enabler of human development and social innovation.

Our mission is accomplished by backing initiatives that support: individual happiness, community building, happiness at work, happiness in education and civic wellbeing.

WOHASU® Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the USA (Tax ID 83-4635507), and donations are fully tax-deductible.

WOHASU® Transforms Communities!

In recognition of the important work to bring awareness of the science of happiness on a civic level, the City of Miami and the Mayor of Miami awarded WOHASU with the key to the city of Miami and proclaimed March 19 WOHASU Make Miami Happy Day. 

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