Introduction to Wholebeing Happiness

About Course

Whether you have an established practice or are about to begin your coaching journey, this free, evidence-based program is designed to help you become the effective, confident, successful coach you want to be.


The Introduction to Wholebeing Happiness is a self-directed 5-week online course, giving you the science and skills to aim towards your highest and best.

Who does it

Wholebeing Institute

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the key principles of positive psychology
  • Practice new perspectives—and learn how changing our mindset can be a leverage point for positive impact
  • Focus attention towards the positive for more creativity, motivation, health, and overall success
  • Integrate the personal learning by constructing a narrative that aims towards the ideal self

Target Audience

  • This program is designed for both personal and professional growth. Attendees have included social workers, psychologists, coaches, allied health professionals, yoga teachers, school teachers, business leaders, managers, and those looking to increase well-being. This course is about lasting change, continual movement in a positive direction, and a quicker recovery if you get off track.

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