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Why running and Yoga make the perfect work-out routine

Consciousness about practicing sports and working out has spread like wildfire among modern society in the last few decades. People are choosing to add some sort of exercise activity to their daily routine, along with healthy eating habits, making significant changes to their lifestyle.

There are plenty of activities that can keep us healthy, strong and active. While some spend hours at the gym with collective classes or personal training, others enjoy out-door activities that keep them tuned with Mother Nature. Walking, trekking, climbing, power walking, water sports… There are thousands of options to choose from.

However, we want to talk about two of the most effective and popular training activities you can make. Everyone is familiar with running, which has been getting popular thanks to the multiple events and famous marathons like New York City’s and Boston’s. If we add to this cardio exercise one of the ancient most effective mental and physical training, the yoga ashtanga, it will turn out to be a complete and effective training routine that will not only burn calories, strengthen and relax your muscles, gain elasticity and balance and tone your body but will also give you a mind control boost to a 100%.

For all those running lovers hitting the track field on a daily basis, the combination of this type of exercise along with the Ashatanga Yoga method will complete an ideal training routine for achieving your goals and getting you a top condition mentally and physically.

A perfect combination of two physical arts that join together to get us a harmonic connection between the mind and the body, thanks to sports and perseverance. So if you haven’t started practicing the Yoga Ashtanga method, you might begin giving it a try twice or three times a week, completing your routine.

So… wanna be a runner or a Yogi?

This article was originally written by Miriam Pérez Font and was published on Modalia.es